Ginovus helps clients gain a competitive advantage by providing location modeling, site selection, incentives procurement and compliance management services. Our commitment to integrity and accountability ensures long-term relationships with clients and partners.


At Ginovus, we are committed to the success of our clients and are guided by the following code of ethics:

  1. Accountability: Always be accountable for our work product and act in a manner consistent with professional responsibilities and client expectations.
  2. Commitment: Consistently give 100% effort to all projects entrusted to us and always strive to fully maximize the value we create for the client.
  3. Honesty: Always respect our clients and team members by ensuring they know the truth by creating a culture of openness, even when it is not what they want to hear.
  4. Conflict of Interest: Consistently strive to avoid any situation where we have a conflict of interest with a client.
  5. Confidentiality: Always safeguard confidential information provided to us by clients and when we are required to disclose information to third parties, ensure our clients have approved the information for use.
  6. Collaboration: Consistently work cooperatively with clients and internal resources to ensure the delivery of the highest quality services in support of a client’s project.
  7. Integrity: Always act in a manner that is consistent with our organization’s core values and beliefs, even when it may be easier to take a different approach.
  8. Deliver on Promises: Consistently work to deliver on promises made to clients, and all people and organizations we work with on projects – when we make a promise, we keep it.
  9. Respect: Always be respectful when there is a lack of consensus by discussing the issue in a respectful manner and acknowledging different viewpoints – once a decision has been made on how to proceed, get behind the decision and work hard to implement.
  10. Passion: Consistently strive to be passionate about what we do every day by having an emotional investment and working diligently to achieve the desired results.