Incentive Procurement


Local, state and federal government agencies sometimes offer economic development incentives to spur growth in the private sector. In some cases, there are also financial incentives available from not-for-profits, trade organizations and utility companies. Regardless of their source, incentives can significantly reduce your project costs, add to your bottom line by reducing operating costs, and benefit your business by providing dollars to reinvest into the company. While the availability and value of incentives is certainly not the only factor that determines if and where a project should move forward, incentives can improve your return on investment and lower financial risk.

The sheer number of incentives that may be available, and the complex application and approval processes that are required, call for experts practiced at navigating and managing the process.

At Ginovus, we couple rigorous, comprehensive analysis with creative planning and implementation of incentive strategies to ensure your project and company receives maximum benefit. We not only identify all relevant programs available to you, we also manage the negotiation, application and approval processes. And, we secure all incentive payments due to you in a timely manner for the entire incentive period.