Location Modeling


The best way to determine the right location for your project is to compare, in detail, mission critical factors for prospective communities as a part of the decision making process. Through research, analysis and ranking of quantitative and qualitative factors, Ginovus provides you with a clear picture of all locations under consideration, positioning you to make well informed decisions. Our location modeling includes:

  • Information on skill levels of human capital, labor costs, real-time supply and demand information, educational attainment, and human capital concentration.
  • Data regarding potential economic development incentives
  • Demographic statistics
  • Cost of living/quality of life
  • Utility rates, availability, capacity and redundancy
  • Tax rates and structure
  • Transportation infrastructure availability and costs
  • Industry specific data
  • Land and building construction costs
  • Information regarding real estate availability, costs and location

In short, we take your project’s assumptions and complete the relevant analysis required for your company to make the best decision possible.