Site Selection


At Ginovus, we know that the best location can be critical to the success of new, expanded or relocated operations. That’s why we not only identify prospective sites, but also carefully and comprehensively evaluate their suitability for your needs.  We evaluate the overall real estate market, including existing buildings, brownfield redevelopment and greenfield sites, area traffic patterns, susceptibility to natural disasters, proximity to competitors and vendors, labor market conditions, and local and regional economic impact studies.

We analyze key factors in geographic areas under consideration and compare pertinent data to present a side by side comparison of communities and sites, including operating costs based upon the company’s set of project assumptions.

What else we do for you:

We visit communities and negotiate with local and state economic development officials to finalize incentive packages, infrastructure costs and utility rates on your behalf.

We work closely with real estate professionals to understand your real estate options, carry out extensive labor research by talking with local employers about market conditions that may affect workforce availability & quality and work with governmental entities to facilitate regulatory approvals.

In short, we do the planning and evaluating necessary to bring you only the relevant data your company needs to make an informed comparison and ultimately the right decision.