Setting A New Standard in Site Certification

There are over 30 existing site certification programs across the United States. These general programs provide some basic due diligence and engineering reports for available sites. However, most of the existing programs are not able to effectively cross state lines and even fewer meet the changing needs of marketing and economic development professionals.

The Verisite team is proud to deliver detailed site certification reports to help market shovel-ready sites and other properties to developers, owners, economic development professionals, and discerning buyers.


Getting A Site Recognized

For sellers, the site certification process helps to move properties to the top of the list for site location consultants and their clients. Because buyers are keen to capitalize on new opportunities quickly, a thorough site review can be a crucial differentiator for getting noticed in today’s competitive real estate market. A Verisite report provides:

  • Risk mitigation with a comprehensive analysis

  • Increase a project’s speed to market

  • Review property location, condition, assets, and more

  • Compare area economics against an industry sector

  • Get a jumpstart on internal due diligence

 To view sample reports by property type including existing building, brownfield, greenfield and data centers, click here.

 Expert Collaboration for Trusted Site Certification

 Verisite is a partnership between Ginovus and Veridus Group built on significant experience with site selection, engineering, and economic development. Together, these leaders have clearly defined and standardized the requirements for comprehensive site certification reporting

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