“When you look at the statistics for the U.S. about half of all companies that are approved for incentives never draw down those incentives because they don’t file the paperwork timely or in a proper manner.” – Larry Gigerich, Executive Managing Director

Economic development incentives can significantly reduce your project costs, add to your bottom line by reducing operating costs and benefit your business by providing dollars to reinvest into the company.

However, the world of incentive procurement is complex, and it can be time consuming if you’ve never navigated the process or your business circumstances have changed. That’s why your business can greatly benefit from the help of a team of experts.

The Ginovus team manages the incentive procurement process from beginning to end. We not only identify all relevant programs available to you, we also manage the negotiation, application and approval processes. Additionally, our compliance management team ensures that incentives are closely tracked and reported, so you can rest easy your drawing the maximum benefit available to your business.