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Position: Client Advisor

Reports To: Senior Principals and Executive Managing Director

This position works to support the overall efforts and goals of the organization. Primary goal is to assist with industry research and analysis of market trends in the areas of economic development incentive programming, workforce analytics, and quantitative data development in support of location modeling, site selection, and incentive procurement. This position works closely with the Senior Principals and Executive Managing Director of the organization to support the successful management of site selection projects by conducting project-specific research and preparing incentive documentation.

• Results-oriented individual with excellent analytical skills, team working capabilities, and strong communication skills. Minimum of five years research and/or economic development experience.

Minimum Requirements:
• Bachelor’s Degree
• Working knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) required
• Working knowledge of MS Dynamics CRM preferred

Salary: Commensurate based upon experience and skillset

Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

• Research specific details of a variety of economic development factors including, but not limited to, labor force, regulatory and tax environment, real estate, infrastructure and quality of life in target markets.

• Assist in developing tools and processes for improving comparison and analysis of incentive, location modeling, and site selection criteria and metrics in North America.

• Utilize GIS mapping, statistical software tools, and quantitative research techniques in support of client projects.

• Research specific details regarding economic development incentive programs available in North America as well as the compliance requirements information of those locations.

• Assist the Ginovus Project Team with forecasting available incentives by creating incentive spreadsheet analysis and/or comparative analysis.

• Work with the Ginovus Project Team and clients to compile project information and complete incentive applications.

• Maintain project information current within electronic library.

• Work with Ginovus Compliance Team to review client incentives and ensure agreement deadlines are met.

• Keep up-to-date on industry topics through various forms of media and communications. Maintain excellent team communication and set appropriate expectations when working with team members.

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Posted: January 14, 2020