Opinion: Entice coastal city escapees to land in ‘flyover country’

Thousands of people now are clamoring to escape the tattered coastal enclaves from which they once looked down their noses at us, out in flyover country.

How should we respond? By taking advantage of an economic-development opportunity for the ages. Cities, counties, states, companies, foundations and other logical partners in the central half of the country should adopt a regional approach and promote the entire heartland, or chunks of it, in a way that’s never been done. This unprecedented strategy would get us a lot closer to the hearts and minds of the unsettled residents of the coasts than just another go-it-alone battle among many competing locales in the heartland.

Read the rest of the article by Dale Buss in The Detroit News with highlights covering:

  • People leaving or wanting to leave New York; Baltimore; Washington, D.C.; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Seattle; Portland, Oregon, and other troubled cities
  • The untapped rewards of regional promotion of middle America
  • Digital havens and tech ecosystems that already established in flyover country
  • Quote from Larry Gigerich, “They (states) need to work together to leverage the fewer public dollars that will be available to invest in economic development. States can do a better job of working together, knowing that they’ll all benefit in some way if our economy can grow at a broader level.”Access the full story in The Detroit News here:  https://www.detroitnews.com/story/opinion/2020/09/03/opinion-heartland-coast-city-covid-19-development-midwest-jobs-remote/5685543002/