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Reshaping Economic Development Policies from the Governor’s Office


he 2018 elections caused a spirited debate on job creation, the economy and the direction our country will take to maintain economic prosperity. Although the election tended to focus on federal offices and President Trump’s effect on the national political discourse, several important gubernatorial elections were also at stake. A total of 36 governorships were up for election, presenting an opportunity to impact economic development policies and workforce development initiatives in those states.

A few states with newly-elected governors stand out as particularly important in reshaping economic development policy, which will play a major role in their ability to secure new opportunities for capital investment and job creation.

Read the rest of the article with features on Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Illinois and Tennessee by Scott Neale, Ginovus Client Advisor in the Trade & Industry Development magazine here: https://www.tradeandindustrydev.com/industry/manufacturing/reshaping-economic-development-policies-governor%E2%80%99s-14928