Site Selectors Guild

Many companies claim to specialize in site selection, but only 62 members from around the world are part of the Site Selectors Guild. Ginovus is proud to have three members in the Site Selectors Guild, Executive Managing Director Larry Gigerich, Senior Principal Chad Sweeney,  and Senior Principal Leslie Wagner.

Founded in 2010, the Site Selectors Guild is the only association of the world’s foremost professional site selection consultants. Guild Membership is recognized as the highest standard in the site selection industry. Members are peer-nominated, vetted and must demonstrate significant professional location advisory experience.

Guild members provide location strategy to corporations across the globe and for every industry, sector and function. The Site Selectors Guild is dedicated to advancing the profession of international corporate site selection by promoting integrity, objectivity and continuing education.

 To learn more about the Site Selectors Guild, please visit their website here.